Te Tauihu

Aotearoa, New Zealand


Te Tauihu

Aotearoa, New Zealand


Kono NZ is located in Te Tauihu, the top of the South Island of Aotearoa New Zealand.

In centuries past, our people migrated from the north to the south in a series of epic migrations. Arriving in Te Tauihu, the northern South Island of New Zealand between 1820 and 1832, our fires have burnt in this region for almost 200 years. We are the original providores, trading the fruits of our labour from the gardens, forests and waters of Te Tau Ihu.

In the 21st Century we have emerged once again as purveyors of the finest foods and beverages, grown and sourced from the lands and waters that our tūpuna (ancestors) knew. Although our products are now available beyond our shores, we remain a family business – a business of families. We are carriers of a legacy that dates back to the very founding of our nation and custodians of a legacy that stretches forward to the hands of those that will follow after us.

Drawing inspiration from the kono – the basket of produce that our people offer to guests in a tradition of honour and hospitality – our products flow from our culture. They are produced by people with integrity and passion; they are created only from natural, wholesome ingredients from the earth and the seas; they come from places which we know and you can identify, and they are produced in a way that our tupuna would recognize and all of our children will thank us for. Our 'kono' is our promise to you, our manuhiri (guests), of the finest quality that nature can provide, now and forever.


Vision & Purpose

Vision & Purpose


The world is changing all around us, but there are constants – our land, people, identity and community.

Our Purpose

Kono’s purpose is to preserve and enhance our taonga for the benefit of current and future generations.

We will achieve this through the sustainable use and development of our land and resources and by creating a community that our people (our families, staff, customers and associates) are proud of.

To create an inspiring and innovative place where talented people want to live and work.

Guiding Objectives

Our guiding objectives are broad to give us the freedom to create new and exciting ways of doing things, consistently with our values and tikanga. These two aspects are vital to our success – they underpin everything we do:

1.       Development and innovation

2.       Identity and integrity

We understand that innovation and adaptability will be the key to our success. We are an efficient organization, focused on our people, our resources and our environment.

We will continue to grow our success as an organisation through the sustainable and successful development of our land, the creation and provision of high-quality goods and services and through nurturing people’s cultural identity, knowledge and strength.


Identity & Values

Identity & Values


Kono lives by a 500 year plan.

Our tikanga (way of doing things) provides the touchstone for how we act now, and in the future.

Te Pae Tawhiti - Our Intergenerational Vision

Te Pae Tawhiti guiding objectives are:

  • To ensure the retention, preservation and knowledge of culturally significant land.

  • To create, source and provide products and services of high value and quality that society wants, in a sustainable and ethical manner.

  • To create a world community of people who believe in and promote our products and services.

  • To be the best indigenous food and beverage business in the world.

Ngā Tikanga O Ngā Tupuna


We rise by lifting others

Definition: We are thoughtful and caring in all our dealings with others.

Why: Thoughtfulness, kindness and hospitality are central to our identity and enhance our mana. We value people above all things, and in respecting and nurturing others, we are ourselves uplifted. We show our care by upholding the highest standards of health and safety in our workplaces. We show our care through empathy with others. We show it by taking pleasure and pride in producing great products and services that people value. We always go the extra mile.

Whakataukī: He kura te tangata.
(Our humanity is precious.)


Excellence in all that we do

Definition: We each lead by example, with the grit and courage to do the right thing, always.

Why: Wherever we are in the organisation, we are each responsible and accountable for its success. We are problem-solvers, encouraging creativity and progression at every level of our business. We create value and quality by setting high standards for ourselves, using our initiative and good judgement, respecting and supporting the roles of
others, and always doing our best.

Whakataukī: Ko te amorangi ki mua,
te hāpai ō ki muri.
(Leadership to the fore: we all have
important roles to play.)


Our duty, our heritage, our legacy

Definition: We are collectively responsible for protecting and enhancing our precious natural resources that are our life force. They have been entrusted to us by our ancestors, and will be passed on to future generations.

Why: Our kaupapa is to grow an economic base that enables Wakatū whānau whānui to achieve sustained spiritual, environmental, social and cultural well-being and economic aspirations. Integral to achieving our aspirations is managing our commercial operations in a way that meets our kaitiakitanga obligations. This is our duty and it will be our legacy. We aspire to be world leaders in demonstrating and showcasing how with evolution, passion and deep commitment, this can be achieved.

Whakataukī: Whatungarongaro te tangata toitū te whenua. (As people disappear from sight, the land remains.)


We do as we say

Definition: We are clear about our motives, and we are reliable and honest.

Why: Integrity is at the heart of all of our decisions, guiding everything we do. We live by our word, and understand that the strength of our work is based on the trust and openness vested in each of us. We are consistent, and show this through our honourable words and actions, ensuring we protect our reputation and the reputation of Wakatū.

Whakataukī: He tangata kī tahi. (A person of a single word.)




Together we are more

Definition: We are a family, connected by a powerful common purpose, enriched by each other, and bound by mutual respect.

Why: Understanding and valuing the part each person contributes is essential to our success. We know the sum of our efforts is greater than the parts. So we stand shoulder to shoulder, never losing sight of our obligations to each other, our owners, our customers and our business partners.

Whakataukī: Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi. Engari, he toa takitini.(Success is not the work of one, but the work of many.)


Doing things better, doing better things

Definition: We are curious and innovative, always striving for improvement.

Why: We believe in the power of change, to ignite, transform and advance what we do and how we do it. We are problem solvers and it is in our nature to continuously improve. We look forward to new and unimagined
futures, knowing that we have the DNA
to create better opportunities for people
and our planet.

Whakataukī: Kōtahi tonu te te hiringa
i kake ai a Tāne ki Tikitiki-o-Rangi, ko te hiringa i te mahara.(There is but one power that allowed Tāne to ascend to the uppermost heavens, and that is the power of the mind.)