Fishing is a traditional source of economic and cultural wealth for Māori. The ability to feed whānau (family) and manuhiri (guests) has always been a part of our cultural heritage.

As one of the worlds most isolated and pristine environments, New Zealand’s natural resources provides unique growing conditions for our seafood. The majority is hand raised in the cool, remote and unpopulated waters of the Marlborough Sounds at the top of the South Island. 

Appreciated locally and globally, Kono exports to a diverse range of consumers, in more than 25 countries throughout the world.

Food lies at the heart of everything we do. We place value on healthy sustenance and the joy of a meal shared.

Greenshell™ Mussels

Perna canaliculus | Kūtai

Greenshell™ mussels are unique to New Zealand and rated by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Programme as one of the most sustainable seafood products in the world.

Kono mussels are hand raised in the isolated and pristine waters of the Marlborough Sounds, grown on a suspended rope system known as long-line farming. From spat, they will take 18-26 months to grow to a harvestable shell size of 90-100mm.

These plump shellfish combine a stunning green shell and succulent plump mussel meat – a great source of iron, protein and omega-3. The mild and slightly sweet taste combined with the high meat-to-shell ratio (higher than any other mussel) compliments many cuisine styles and applications.

The predominant form is IQF Half shell. Kono’s Greenshell™ mussels are individually snap frozen on the half shell within hours of harvest to capture that fresh, straight from the water taste.

Kiwa Oysters

Crassostrea Gigas  | Pacific Oyster

Crassostrea Gigas (Pacific oyster) is hand raised in the remote and unpopulated waters of Orongo Bay in Northland’s beautiful Bay of Islands. Orongo Bay is located over a natural fault line and the farm sits on top of an underwater thermal spring.

 A jewel of an oyster, with naturally ruffled edges, the endearingly petite shells are distinctly elongated with an off-white shell colour with bands of yellow or purple. With creamy plump meat and outstanding visual appeal, this oyster offers a balanced sweet oceanic brine, distinct and complex, to be enjoyed by beginners and pros alike.

Exclusively sold through Yellow Brick Road.


Rock Lobster

Jasus edwardsii | Kōura

The spiny rock lobster (Jasus Edwardsii) is also known as New Zealand Crayfish The firm white flesh, combined with a sweet delicate flavour, make them coveted around the world. 

Kono is a medium sized owner of crayfish quota in New Zealand. We work with a small group of specialist fisherman and pack-houses to bring this delicacy to the world.

Quality Assurance

The physical separation from other countries provides a unique and natural advantage in quality assurance. Our seafood is grown in cool, remote and nutrient rich waters.

  • New Zealand operates one of the strictest quality assurance programmes for shellfish in the world, testing both the shellfish and the water in which it grows for biotoxins, bacteria and heavy metals.

  • Testing is carried out to specifications and standards set by both the U.S Food and Drug Administration, European Union and NZ Food Safety Authority.

  • Under this stringent programme, no product can be harvested from farms without confirmation that water testing and product testing has declared it as safe.